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Our staff guarantees safety during your stay in our city

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Located at a minimum distance from the historical center and the most famous sights of Thessaloniki.

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Parking Karavan Sarai in the center of Thessaloniki

Are you planning to come to Thessaloniki with your car? Would you like to enjoy the comfort of a car parking in the city center, open all year? Once in Thessaloniki, park your car in the parking Karavan Sarai and enjoy safety, economy, service from the oldest and best known car parking of the city Our experienced staff will take care of your car and you will be able to reach the city center in minutes.

The parking Karavan Sarai at Thessaloniki is serving customers for over than 50 years and is a benchmark for the citizens of Thessaloniki and all of our guests. The major hotels in Thessaloniki cooperate with us, in order to make the stay of their guests more comfortable.


Safety: Our staff guarantees safety during your stay in our city

Easy access to Thessaloniki city center: Parking Karavan Sarai is located in a minimum distance from the historical center and the most known sights, next to the city market and the major hotels.

History of Karavan Sarai building

The building is located at the corner of Venizelou and Vamvaka streets, to the north of the Hamza Bey mosque (15th century). It is located in the same place where the Karavan Sarai, from which the surrounding area took its name, was situated. Mention was made, during the Turkish rule, of two Karavan Sarays (sources of the 16th century), the “small” and the “big”. The sarays were inns where travelers were offered hospitality and which in time evolved into commercial centres. These centres contained shops, rooms, an internal courtyard and lodges. The first people to study the Karavan Sarai (the archeologists Textier and Pullan) give the publication of the building plans in 1864 and this is the evidence that we have that the Caravan Saray existed then and was thought to be a Byzantine hotel, an opinion which is mainly supported by the manner in which it was constructed. After the destruction of the building, some sections were saved and for long period of time a large area remained unused. It is evident that the sections which were saved from the old building troubled the relevant authorities for many years to come. Before 1923 a study was carried out on the new building by the architect Delladestimas which was also approved by the Archeological Department. The study planned the construction of a ground floor and three levels on the necessary condition that it was to be adapted in the form of the Karavan Sarai.

In the period 1958 to 2011 a section of the Karavan Sarai was rented to the municipality of Thessaloniki in order to install there the town hall of the city, which has remained on the same site for 53 years.

Today the largest part of the building is empty, while the rest houses offices and business spaces.